Are these really the best. Good god. Volvo: a shaved head and big Webers is modded? Corrado: VW Tuner reject, ugly add-ons. BMW: More corrosion than modification. Fiero: Only if tacky is best. T-bucket: hot rod tribute, not a mod. Civic...done so much, uninteresting. Cedric: ?. Barracuda: First-gen was never a muscle… » 9/16/14 10:57am Yesterday 10:57am

I don't think I'd call Maserati "clearly behind the times" with fuel injection. Before 1960 very few cars had the option. Only Mercedes (with a very expensive model) and Chevrolet (from 1957) offered mechanical fuel injection. And Chrysler offered a very early (and very unsuccessful) EFI. » 9/08/14 10:51am 9/08/14 10:51am

Sorry, no. These fixes are an absolute drop in the bucket for Tesla. The company will spend $2 billion on the gigafactory and while its stock remains north of $300 share it has no cash flow worries. As for the service costs out of warranty, Tesla sells flat rates plans that are huge improvement over the usual luxury… » 8/12/14 11:27am 8/12/14 11:27am

I actually like this... among the best over-the-top 70s designs. It has the correct proportions of a two-seater. The 2+2 Bertone was ruined by an overly long body section from the door's trailing edge to the rear wheel arch. Otherwise a very clean design, if a bit dull. Pininfarina didn't do much better with it's… » 8/11/14 1:42pm 8/11/14 1:42pm

Yeah, basically the same. The U.S. got the 3-door hatch in 2002 then the five-door hatch the following year. We never got the wagon, but we did eventually get some of the Euro goodies like nice seats and some trim. It was a nice alternative to the underwhelming "hot" Civics we got in the early 2000s. » 8/04/14 10:04am 8/04/14 10:04am

Agreed. The brewery strikes me as sort of a Sam Adams "west". Yes, they make a dubbel and tripel but really their business is built on a solid but relatively dull ambers and IPA. Even the Rampant didn't really stand out for me. It should be called "New American". Their most interesting regular beer is the 1554 black… » 7/28/14 12:02pm 7/28/14 12:02pm

For turbos? Yeah, sure, 700 is nothing. Not for supercharged street engines. The most you'll get from the big name tuners is 750 hp. Yeah, it's possible to get 800, even 900 rwhp from the C6 ZR1, but it's extremely expensive. Tuner ceiling on this car is limited. » 7/24/14 9:09am 7/24/14 9:09am

Your WRX had the same TD04 as the previous generation. Only year for that combo, which was the same as the Legacy GT. U.S. buyers hated it. Boost tapers off dramatically after 4500 because the TD04 is way too small for the EJ25... the VF52 fixed that. BUT. The old car spools at much lower rpm. I've driven a tuned… » 6/27/14 11:42am 6/27/14 11:42am

It's possible that GM wanted in on the spate of compacts boasting 40 mpg highway. Several of them appeared all at once 2009-2010. GM certainly didn't have any cheap auto transmission or CVT at the time that would let them achieve that figure, so, voila, a long-geared manual with some really horrendous low-resistance… » 5/27/14 2:11pm 5/27/14 2:11pm