The price is a bit too high, I agree, but the RHD is not at all a problem for what looks to be a dedicated off-roader. The diesel is inferior to the 4G54 when it comes to on-road smoothness and performance, but it's a good choice for the trail. The turbo is intercooled... not much different than what you'd get in the… » 10/20/14 9:37am Monday 9:37am

I like this train of thought, but a nice condition 900 turbo for $5K, let alone $2500, is going to be hard to find. If you do, I guarantee it will have north of 200K or have a failing trans or need a timing chain replacement or something. The way to go is a depreciation special, like a mid-2000s 9-5 Aero. An easy 260+… » 10/17/14 12:54pm Friday 12:54pm

New Holland is great, but much more of a Belgian-inspired brewery. Very different from Bells. Their best styles seem to be Belgian wits/pales/strongs and the popular Poet oatmeal stout. As far as IPAs goe, Mad Hatter is nice but not really a go-to for me. I hear the Carhartt Woodsman is a very good session IPA but I… » 10/16/14 12:21pm 10/16/14 12:21pm

That's not correct. The EJ25 had other well known and well documented issues, including lots of spun rod bearings in the 2009 WRX, the first year for the VF-52. Some of these bearing occured at less than 3K miles, indicating a manufacturer problem, which Subaru has since corrected. Yes, with 3K oil changes, PREMIUM… » 10/13/14 7:06pm 10/13/14 7:06pm

Yes, cast iron is probably porous enough, but forged steel parts? That's probably corrosion caused by small amounts impurities in the oil or fuel, like hydrogen sulfide. It creates gases, like methane, which can crack or embrittle the metal. This can be advantageous depending on the application because the corrosion… » 10/10/14 11:13am 10/10/14 11:13am

Only the newest BMWs in the U.S. have this feature available (2014 maybe but definitely 2015). Volvo's S60 has this option, too. But prior to now, no U.S. cars had the technology because the technology couldn't yet read our signs. In Europe, TSR to read round signs has been implemented in a whole bunch of cars,… » 10/10/14 10:57am 10/10/14 10:57am

Is the taxpayer going to be willing to foot the bill for that kind of enforcement? It's either more manpower or lots more traffic cameras, which come with their own attendant problems. Reducing the speed limit might not do a lot, but it costs very little to do and won't really slow down the pace of NYC's business. » 10/09/14 9:47am 10/09/14 9:47am

A common misconception is that hops are just a flavoring agent. They are not. Oh sure, they provide flavor (and aroma), but they really there to provide balance, adding bitterness to counteract the sweetness of the barley malts. And, in the past, they were there to prolong the life of the beer. The beta acids act as a… » 10/08/14 5:08pm 10/08/14 5:08pm

Exactly. Back in the early aughts VW brought us a Passat wagon with a W8 and AWD. And it was available with a 6-speed. They sold maybe four. But the Touaregs handily outsold it despite costing more. VW discovered it could also sell far more Passats by encasing a version of it (CC) in a swoopy shell. » 10/08/14 1:11pm 10/08/14 1:11pm

"small, efficient, lightweight, tossable, RWD rev-happy commuter": You already have two(three): Miata and BRZ(FR-S). Okay, so if you meant MR, there isn't one. And that's because it simply wouldn't sell. The last survivor of that ilk in the U.S. was Toyota's MR-S. Good quality, excellent handling, good fuel mileage,… » 10/02/14 10:26am 10/02/14 10:26am

Existing battery technology is NOT inefficient. That's just wildly wrong. Batteries often offer near 100% charge efficiency except at extreme ends of capacity, and discharge losses are typically negligible. Thermal engines... a very sad 30% at best. » 9/29/14 10:57am 9/29/14 10:57am

Glad to see a reality check. These handle quite badly and are only useful for surprising unsuspecting onlookers. Plus, the necessary relocation of the gas tank to the trunk destroys the car's utility. And, in the case of this car, its safety. If you're going to spend over $20K in a conversion I'd rather see a creative… » 9/29/14 9:47am 9/29/14 9:47am

Are these really the best. Good god. Volvo: a shaved head and big Webers is modded? Corrado: VW Tuner reject, ugly add-ons. BMW: More corrosion than modification. Fiero: Only if tacky is best. T-bucket: hot rod tribute, not a mod. Civic...done so much, uninteresting. Cedric: ?. Barracuda: First-gen was never a muscle… » 9/16/14 10:57am 9/16/14 10:57am